White Feminism privilege denying FLOTUS edition.

The above are screen caps of tweeets made by CodePink and their cofounder Medea Benjamin after Michelle Obama was confronted by a protester named Ellen Sturtz from the pro- LGBT group Get EQUAL. 

After the incident was reported to happen, tweets like the above started to be made playing into racist tropes by framing FLOTUS as an “angry black woman” and telling her how she should have responded plays into respectability politics.

Your white privilege is showing feminists. Just stop and think what would have happened if Laura Bush did the same thing. Yeah that’s what I thought. 

Wasn’t it also like 10,000 dollars to get a seat? It wasn’t money well spent.

No matter what you say, if you are an African American Woman, you are received as bitter, resentful and offensive. It doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it, that’s how it’s received.


I’m so goddamn tired of white feminists.


They been tryin to make her Mammy for YEARS


This is why don’t nobody like you white women

it wouldn’t have mattered a bit what she did or said, she would have been wrong for it. that’s why IMO what she did was exactly right.

Michelle Obama has more privilege than any single white feminist alive. why don’t you all give that some thought.

Aside from the fact that Hilary Clinton (and many other powerful white women) exists discussing racist attacks doesn’t mean someone isn’t privileged in other areas. 

I think your white privilege denying is blinding your ability to think critically about racism.

Hillary Clinton is a private citizen. Michelle Obama represents the largest *anything* in the world. If she’s going to speak as FLOTUS, then she should expect to be called out for anything the US is doing. Was this ‘heckler’ on the mark? dunno. Medea Benjamin’s tweets sound like they’re talking down to M. Obama. All that said, when someone is publicly representing the US government, and all the evil it does, are they expected to bow down on one knee and plead oh so politely for a chance to air their grievances? Y’all act like M. Obama is the Queen. If you’re going to step out in public as FLOTUS, expect to take heat. A little bit of heckling and a few tweets is nothing compared to the damage, destruction, and death the US government engages in. In short, your obsession with racism is blinding your ability to think critically about government, representation, privilege, corruption, state-sanctioned murder, and so much more. By rushing to defend M. Obama from what are literally the mildest forms of attack possible, you are by implication refusing to look at where she sits and what she represents. Shame.

Being unable to see how the treatment that even FLOTUS gets happens to women who are not in her position is an example of white privilege. Keep denying it. It wasn’t just “a few” tweets, almost every news article used the same framing of the incident.

BTW Hilary Clinton is just recently become a “private citizen” so stop derailing the post to deny your privilege.

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